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Wang Labs

Wang 1200: The Wang 1200 was an unsuccessful product, at least in terms of Wang's original expectations, but it played an important role in the history of Wang Labs. It is also interesting in the more general context of the development of word processing as a standard part of office automation.

Wang 2200: Born before the era of the microprocessor, the Wang 2200 CPU was built using a couple hundred TTL chips spread over half a dozen boards, and housed in a heavy steel “suitcase.” Its BASIC interpreter was written in microcode; there was no machine code that a user could access, unlike microcomputers that would come years later.

Wang 3300: Before Wang made the incredibly successful 2200 series of computers, they had attempted the job at least twice before, with the Wang 4000 Computer System and the 3300 BASIC computer. Where one draws the line between their programmable calculators and their calculating computers is debatable.

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