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Texas Instruments

FinalGROM 99: The TI 99/4A FinalGROM Cartridge, or FinalGROM 99 for short, is a cartridge for the TI 99/4A home computer that allows you to run ROM and GROM cartridge images from an SD card. It succeeds the FlashROM 99 released in 2016.

nanoPEB: nanoPEB, nanoPEB wifi adapter and CF7+ were designed to bring the full experience of the TI-99/4a home computer into the 21st century and yet be affordable. This site offers the support programs and manuals needed to run either. As time progresses, articles and a FAQ will be added to help get the most out of both.

Pixelpedant: A collection of TI-99 manuals and catalogues for your use and enjoyment.

The TI-99/4A Home Computer Page

TI-99/4A Game Shelf: This site provides a gallery of interesting games with images of the opening screen as well as an in-play snapshot, along with a brief review tested on a real TI 99/4A system. Hardware requirements will also be listed and download links provided. It is my hope that TI'ers will discover here new games and remember old ones, thus preserving an invaluable legacy for posterity. Moreover, it will be a great place to introduce new game software to the community and obtain much deserved credit. It is modeled after the casual “window browsing” experience and is not meant to be a comprehensive repository.

TI-99 Italian User Club (ITA)

TI-99/4A Home Computer Book Archive

TIPI: Turn a Raspberry PI and some glue hardware into a TI Disk Drive and Network interface. Welcome to, your resource for Texas Instruments graphing calculator community news, information, and software!

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