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Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Sun)

Solaris x86 FAQ: This posting contains frequently-asked questions, with answers, about the Sun Solaris 2 Operating System on the Intel Platform (x86) found in the alt.solaris.x86 and comp.unix.solaris USENET newsgroups. The alt.solaris.x86 newsgroup covers Solaris on the Intel platform, for version 2.5 and higher.

Sun Computer Administration: Frequently Asked Questions for comp.sys.sun.admin.

Sun Information Library: FAQs of Interest to Sun Users.

Sun3 MousePad: Here's the postscript to do it. Send this straight to a postscript printer or use ghostscript/ghostview to view it and send it to a printer.

SunHELP: News, reviews, and reference information for users of Oracle's Sun hardware and software products.

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