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Arcade Game Designer: Arcade Game Designer is a tool for creating ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC464 games. In fact, it's the tool we'd all have given our right arms for in the 1980s. Create blocks, sprites and screens, knock out a few lines of code (far simpler than ZX BASIC and numerous coding templates are included) and create a game that would have graced any software house's catalogue back in the day.

ArduiTape: ArduiTape / CASDuino / TZXDuino - The cassette player replacements.

DiagROM: A ZX Spectrum Diagnostic ROM by Phil Ruston.

Dilwyn Jones Sinclair QL Pages: Welcome to Dilwyn Jones's QL information and PD software download pages.

divIDE: divIDE is an ATA (IDE) interface by Pavel Cimbal, which takes your ZX Spectrum computing to a whole new level. As the time takes its toll on ageing media such as audio tapes or diskettes, many ZX Spectrum enthusiasts simply stick to emulation for better reliability and comfort. With divIDE you can put your software collection to a hard disk, CD-ROM or even CompactFlash card and experience your favourite games, demos and utilities the way the were meant to be run - and even better. Using existing firmwares, many users find their Speccy box again a live platform - time for you to make the switch? ;]

Immortal ZX Spectrum games: The ZX Spectrum can boast some 15 thousand titles, which is about ten times more than what is currently available for either GBA or NDS alone. This is quite a lot of games to choose from. To put it into perspective, if you try out one title each day, it will keep you occupied for more than forty years. So, where do you start?

OqtaDrive: OqtaDrive emulates a bank of 8 Microdrives for use with a Sinclair ZX Spectrum with Interface 1, or with a Sinclair QL. The goal is to functionally create a faithful reproduction of the original. On the Spectrum/QL side, operating the emulated Microdrives should feel exactly the same as using the real thing. So by definition, it does not try to compete with more “modern day” mass storage solutions for Spectrum and QL.

Planet Sinclair: The Web's biggest Sinclair-related archive.

POKEs Database for ZX Spectrum: This is a collection of cheat codes (infinite lives, bullets, level warping etc.) for more than 2900 games for ZX Spectrum microcomputer. The main source for the codes in this database is the website which is run by Gerard Sweeney. The purpose of the database is to simplify entering codes in games as much as possible. The .pok format is supported by many popular Speccy emulators for all platforms and you can even enter those if you have got a DivIDE interface along with a real ZX Spectrum machine.

QL-SD: Originally I only wanted to make my personal QL-SD work with my GoldCard. In the end that was quite a lot of work and as there are no new QL-SDs produced I created my own version of it. Then I put a lot more work into the software, too (based on Wolfgang Lenerz excellent work). Here are the supporting files and documentation.

Sinclair QL Wiki The ultimate ZX Spectrum related website with focus on (not only) CZ/SK scene. El portal español del Spectrum.

speccy4ever: ROM and docs.

Spectranet: The Ethernet interface for the ZX Spectrum.

Spectrum for Everyone: This website has been created with the intention of being a truly community driven web resource for fans of the iconic British 8-bit computer, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Over time it will build into a solid archive of information, reviews, articles and links to other useful places on the internet.

Spectrum Computing - ZX Spectrum games, software and hardware: This website allows you to search for software and hardware created for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum which is an 8-bit personal home computer released in the United Kingdom in 1982 by Sinclair Research Ltd. This site uses the popular open-source ZXDB database which was created by Einar Saukas for use by the whole ZX Spectrum community.

The Future was 8bit - divMMC Future: The best just got better, the jumperless divMMC Future already works with more Speccys than the rest, now works with even more marginal machines. For those of you that don't know, divMMC (or the older divIDE) devices let you load & save .TAP images etc directly into your Speecy from SD card.

The Microdrive Hardware Emulator: The vDrive is an external Microdrive hardware emulator for the QL, or the Spectrum with Interface 1 expansion. It simply connects to, and is powered from, the existing Microdrive bus. Due to differing connection requirements, there are two versions of vDrive. The vDriveZX is for the Spectrum and the vDriveQL is for the QL. Check out the ZX and QL pages for more details. To complement the vDriveQL there is also the vMapQL which is a configurable hardware device for translating Microdrive addresses. See the vMap page for more info.

The Tipshop: A central archive for all Spectrum and SAM games hints, tips, cheats, maps, hacks and pokes.

TZXDuino: Arduino based TZX and TAP (currently only ZX spectrum and Amstrad CPC flavour) file player.

Wonderful Dizzy: Dizzy and Pogie rushed for shelter in their house as a fierce wind approached. The wind whirled around their house ripping it from the ground and taking them soaring up into the heart of the cyclone! They awoke when the house came crashing down with a bump and a scream! Opening the door they discovered they were in a new and magical land called Oz. A land ruled over by four witches - the good witches of the North and South and the wicked witches of the East and West. Only, now Dizzy appears to have killed the Wicked Witch of the East making the Wicked Witch of the West furious and in a rage she snatches Pogie and disappears in a puff of smoke! Dizzy must rescue Pogie and find a way home and the answers appear to lie with the Wonderful Wizard of Oz in the Emerald City. Along the way, Dizzy meets a brainless Scarecrow, a heartless Tin Woodman and a Cowardly Lion and many other characters who all need his help, many of whom seem oddly familiar. This is a new adventure designed 100% by The Oliver Twins and inspired by the classic book - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

World of Spectrum: The World of Spectrum is the world's biggest archive of Spectrum related materials including tapes, disks, type-ins, cover scans, instructions, inlays, magazine scans, documentations, emulators, tools, utilities and many other things.

ZX Dandanator! Mini: El ZX Dandanator! Mini es un cartucho de juegos para Spectrum. Es un adaptador hardware de memoria (eeprom) externa para Spectrum orientado al desarrollo y distribución de juegos en modo “cartucho” y a la carga a “Snapshots” de software tanto en formato SNA como en formato Z80. Su contenido puede ser actualizado desde el propio Spectrum sin necesidad de hardware adicional mediante Audio, Serie-Kempston o Divide/DivMMC. La versión 2.0 incluye, además, un interfaz de joystick kempston. Añade algunas funcionalidades como soporte de juegos 128k, compresión, librería de pokes, rom externa o congelar pantallas. El hardware implementa un sistema de configuración y servicios mediante comandos enviados desde el Spectrum, lo que lo hace muy flexible para otros usos como la distribución de videojuegos de gran capacidad.

ZX Design Info: A site dedicated to the reverse engineering of the ZX Spectrum and related projects.

ZX SPECTRUM 48Kb - DEMOS, GRAPHIC, MUSIC, SPECIFICATION: This is a site dedicated to bestseller computer of 80s first half - ZX SPECTRUM 48K.

ZX Spectrum ROM: Arcade Game Designer: This is a total rewrite of the ZX Spectrum ROM in 16384 bytes of Z80 assembly language. The original ROM contained Sinclair BASIC, which while versatile was not suitable for writing games due to its lack of speed. It was also impossible to type quickly on the machine due to the ROM keyboard routines' insistence that the first key must be released before the second is pressed. This ROM remedies these problems. The ROM contains editors for blocks, sprites, screen layouts, map, objects, text messages and sprite positions. There is a code editor that uses a simple scripting language inspired by BASIC. There is also a compiler to turn the commands into lightning-fast machine code and a game engine that is copied to RAM on initialisation. Games created using this ROM will run on Spectrums with the original ROM and it is easily capable of producing games that would have been of commercial quality in the 1980s and early 1990s.

ZX Resource Centre: Sinclair ZX Interface 2, ZX Spectrum 128 and ZX80.

ZX-Art: ZX Spectrum 8-bit games, pixel art and chiptune music.

ZX-HD: HDMI for the ZX Spectrum + ULAplus!

ZX Pokemaster: ZX Pokemaster is a file management tool for ZX Spectrum. Not only it can unzip and filter out single files, it is a powerful renaming tool, which will help you name your files according to TOSEC convention.

ZX-VGA-JOY: ZX-VGA-JOY is ZX Spectrum interface for connecting any kind of VGA monitors, Kempston joystick and computer reset. It supports 7 screen modes: 640×480 @ 50Hz, 640×480 @ 60Hz, 640×480 @ 75Hz, 640×480 @ 85Hz and 800×600 @ 60Hz with 3 different zooms (paper/border sizes). This interface is not signal converter, it works in parallel with internal graphics IC(ULA) taking video data directly from CPU and provides crystal clear picture on VGA monitors. Also, the picture on VGA monitor is precisely synchronized with PAL signal generated from ULA, so games that are relying on ULA timing looks as they should. ZX-VGA-JOY is compatible with all Sinclair and Amstrad ZX Spectrum models and probably with a number of clones. It is not necessary to do any modification on the original computer as long as the expansion port is functional on pins used by ZX-VGA-JOY.

ZX81 Tapes, Hardware and Books Collection: This web site contains my own collection of ZX81 and TS1000 tapes, hardware and books that I have built up over the last ten years or so, almost entirely from buying items on eBay, along with a small number of kindly donated items. There is information about all the items, including inlay and instruction scans, screenshots, listings and the programs themselves.

Z88 ROM: These pages will be the portal of information for developers and end-users about Cambridge Z88's operating system, OZ. Here you will find everything about how to compile, install and read technical details of how OZ is organised. With time this space will be a complementary to the Developers Notes (for application developers) - a reference of how to work with the OZ sources, the architecture and future prospects.

ZXDB: ZXDB is an open database containing historical information of software, hardware, magazines and books about ZX-Spectrum and related machines.

ZXInfo: The open source ZXDB frontend.

ZXPicoMD: Raspberry Pico ZX Spectrum Microdrive Hardware Emulator.Hardware emulation of 8 microdrives for the ZX Spectrum only.

ZXuiTape: The Digital Tape Alternative for ZX Spectrum. It is used to play TZX files (games and apps) from a MicroSD card through an audio cable into where the tape deck would normally plugin thus eliminating the need for a 30-year-old tape deck. Its a play only function so no record feature. You can still record using conventional methods though. Simply find your favourite game or app in TZX file format, copy it to the sd card and the rest is straight forward. While it was designed for a 48K+ plus case you can use it stand alone on ZX Spectrum 16K, 48K and 128K.

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