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GALSPanic: X68000 SRAM Expansion. This repo contains Kicad sources for a Static RAM expansion board for Sharp X68000 personal computer. The expansion is implemented using 2MB static RAM chips to make the design simpler. Address decoder is implemented using a ATF22V10 GAL chip.

midiori: MIDI card for X68000. CZ-6BM1 compatible. All and more about the Sharp PC-1500 and PC-1600.

RaSCSI: Rasperry pi As a SCSI target device emulator for X68000.

Sharp MZ: The MZ series.

Sharp Pocket Computers, Printers, Cables, Level Converters & Accessories: This is a list of many of Sharp Pocket Computers and their accessories that were made starting about 1977. Included is a section on the Cartridge Calculators that preceeded the pocket computers.

TOSEC: Sharp MZ-700: There are 104 images of disks for the Sharp MZ-700, including firmware, games and applications.

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