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64drive by Retroactive: The Ultimate N64 Development Cartridge. As a big N64 fan, a few years ago I wanted some way to try out my homebrew on a real console, play translations, and just to mess around in general – but from looking at all the other solutions on the market there appeared to be tons of room for improvement and I started to make my own. After a lot of work and several years of iteration since then, what you see is the result. It's an extremely high quality product used by hobbyist and professional developers alike.

GB Studio: GB Studio began as number of disconnected scripts and tools which were eventually used to create Untitled GB Game, a game built in one week for Bored Pixels 3, a pixel art game jam where the theme was “Game Boy”. After completing the jam I realised that with a bit of work I could get the tools into a state where they could usable by other people, maybe even by people who had never made a game before. This application is the result of that effort, hopefully you find it intuitive and fun to use.

Little Sound Dj: Welcome to Little Sound Dj, the ultimate music program for Game Boy and Game Boy Color! Little Sound Dj turns a plain Game Boy/Game Boy Color into a full-fledged music workstation.

NESmaker: NESmaker is software for PC that allows users to create brand new, hardware playable, cartridge based games for the Nintendo Entertainment System in a modern development environment. These games will play on any hardware based system that can play NES games, and on any NES emulator that supports mapper 30.

Super MIDI Pak: Inside your SNES is a MIDI synthesizer waiting to be set free…

There oughta be a WiFi Game Boy cartridge: It took a while, but I finally managed to create my own Game Boy cartridge. With WiFi! At this point, it can only demo a simple telnet-style communication and access Wikipedia articles, but I am confident that I will showcase more in the future. For now, the interesting and surprisingly tricky part is how the thing works at all.

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