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Milton Bradley (MB)

Blacklighter: Ultra Violet overlays for the Vectrex. Add a holographic dimension to your favourite retro console.

The Definitive Guide to Vectrex Collecting: This guide began as a chronicle of all previously produced Homebrew games and accessories made for the Vectrex and has been expanded to also include all originally released games. Included is a lot of new material and almost all new pictures previously unavailable anywhere on the internet. As in depth as this could be, its focus is on aspects of collecting such as variations in labeling, comparisons of different versions and information specific to packaging. Links to the Vectrex Wikia are available for futher information as well as a section for some of the developer's websites and newsfeeds to stay current on recent releases as they happen. Enjoy!

VecFever: Since the VecFever is my development tool to create Vectrex cart, it should come as no surprise that I have created quite a few over the years. All the arcade emulators exist also as standalone cartridges – more than two dozen by now. I have build a few odd things over the years – like a thermometer cart., a clock, a 4096-byte game (‘2048’) which could have been produced back in the day. A nice testrev cart. with a voltmeter. Several games of my own. Still, my intention remains to have everything running on a VecFever since I do not want to build a lot of standalone cartridges. Some things need a VecFever to run anyways – like the video or audio players.

vectrex-elite: Most people would say that Protector LE is the Holy Grail of the Vectrex. Some would say that VeCaves is the rarest game ever made for it. Here's a number of games you might not have even know existed. These are the most elite carts and releases for the Vectrex.

Vectrex Programming Docs: These pages are for all vectrex lovers. If you look for information about Vectrex, and how the thing is programmed, you have come to the right place. There are not many places where you will find so much information about the Vectrex as this little place.

Vectrex Wiki: Welcome to the Vectrex wiki! A place for all Vectrexians to gather to discuss the best – and only – vector gaming system ever made! Welcome to the website, an information resource concerning the GCE / Milton Bradley Vectrex - The one and only games console that employs vector scan rather than raster scan technology to generate images. Info about the VECTREX – the game console of the 80. For Vectrex collectors and players. And people, who aspire to be.

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