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Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

Alpha: The History in Facts and Comments: This work is dedicated to Alpha processors, system logic sets and the architecture in whole. It's more than just an overview, and it doesn't pretend to be just a technical reference. Frankly speaking, the complete history of the Alpha architecture from the very beginning to our days is taken into consideration. Nevertheless, there is a real lot of various reference information included because this work would be vastly incomplete and difficult to understand otherwise.

AlphaLinux: This website is about the port of GNU/Linux to the Alpha architecture.

DECUServe on-line: DECUServe is an Official Hobbyist Chapter. This means that DECUServe members are eligible to register for OpenVMS Hobbyist Licenses.

Digital Technical Journals machine-readable archive: This is a machine-readable set of all 42 of the Digital Technical Journals, scanned from paper originals.

HECnet: The hobbyist DECnet network. HECnet is a DECnet that connects different people who play around with different machines that have the DECnet protocol suite. The network should not be regarded as a serious networking setup, nor should it be expected to work 24/7. It's a hobby project between people who think it's fun to create a DECnet network.

Highgate's PDP-8 Page: This web page contains a number of documents of relevance to those interested in the Digital Equipment Corporation's PDP-8 minicomputer. Documents cover pdp-8 hardware, software, and supporting materials.

nocrew's PDP-10 stuff: Porting GNU software.

Online PDP-8 Home Page: This site is for people who wish to learn about the PDP-8 minicomputer and for current PDP-8 users to get more information on these machines.

OpenVMS Freeware Archive: The world's largest OpenVMS Freeware Archive.

OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): This document contains answers to many common questions on the OpenVMS operating system, and covers OpenVMS, and OpenVMS running on Itanium, Alpha, and VAX hardware.

OS/8 Disk Server Utilities: This suite of programs allows anyone with a PDP-8/E or later to communicate with a modern computer running Linux, Mac OS X, Windows with Cygwin, or any other POSIX-compliant system where a standard C compiler such as gcc exists.

PDP-11 Q-bus Information Page: I first created this area in September of 2014 to provide information for DEC Q-bus system builders, like myself, who want a single site that provides module comparisons and information on best practices. Dedicated to preserving the history and legacy of the PDP-11 series of 16-bit minicomputers produced by Digital Equipment Corporation from 1970 to 1990, and by Mentec from 1994 onwards.

pdp7-unix: pdp7-unix is a project to resurrect Unix on the PDP-7 from scans of the original assembly code done by Norman Wilson.

QBone: “QBone” is a Linux-to-QBUS bridge, implemented with a BeagleBone Black micro Linux system.

QUniBone: This is the software for both Linux-to-UNIBUS bridge “UniBone” and Linux-to-QBUS bridge “QBone”.

RX01 and RX02 floppy disks: We have archived a set of RX01 and RX02 floppy disks which can be downloaded and either written to physical disk or used in a simulator. The RT-11 V3B 4/4 floppy didn't read very well, so the DMK files contains CRC errors, thus will the RAW image will be faulty. There is a “RT-11 V03B 4/4 Distributionskopia” which is assumed to be identical.

TU58-DECtape-II-Emulator: Digital Equipment TU58 DECtape II emulation with a microcontroller and a SD-card.

tu58em: tu58em is a software emulation of a DECtapeII TU-58 block addressable cartridge tape drive. It requires only a standard Windows PC as a host with a (real or USB) RS232 serial comm port to connect to the target system.

tu58fs: Filesharing between DEC PDP-11 and modern hardware over TU58 tape emulator.

UniBone: “UniBone” is a Linux-to-UNIBUS bridge, implemented with a BeagleBone Black micro Linux system. UniBone can keep old PDP-11s running, by emulating devices and aiding in repair.

Update Computer Club FTP archives - PDP-11: In this directory, and different subdirectories are programs

Update Computer Club FTP archives - PDP-8: Stuff located here are for the DEC pdp8.


VaxHaven: This site serves as a central point to collect documentation and media images for machines in the collection. I hope other collectors will benefit from the information collected here.

Video Display Terminal Information – This site is dedicated to the range of video terminals produced by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) from 1970 to 1995. The most famous of these is the VT100, a name which is recognised most often today as a setting in terminal emulation programs.

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