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VIC-20 Listings: VIC-20 Listings is an archive of type-in games, utilities and other programs for the Commodore VIC-20 home computer, that were published in various books and magazines during the 1980s. These programs are often overlooked or missing from other collections of retro computer software. There are currently 2,468 programs in the collection. The aim is to make each program available for download together with details of who wrote it, where the listing was published, any special requirements, and brief instructions. Each program is kept as close to the original listing as possible.

VIC Term 300: VICTerm300 is an ASCII Terminal emulator for Commodore VIC-20, written in BASIC so it can run just at 300/600 baud. It's just a slight improvement to a BASIC demo program printed on the VIC-Modem guide.

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