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1541 Diagnostic Cartridge - World of Jani: I have repaired a fair amount of drives, and every time I find myself loading a test or a diagnostic software from disk. This is a bit of a contradiction since the drive being tested, or repaired, might not even be able to load a program. I also have a variety of tools for different purposes and wanted to have everything in one place. This is why i created a 1541 Diagnostic Cartridge.

1541 Ultimate-II: The '1541 Ultimate' is a storage solution for your Commodore C64 and C128 home computer. This piece of hardware implements a 'real' 1541 diskdrive for Commodore computers. There are two versions of this board; the 1541 Ultimate-I and the 1541 Ultimate-II. The 1541 Ultimate-I uses an SD-card or MMC-card to store the floppy disks, while the 1541 Ultimate-II uses MicroSD and USB pen-drives. Both the 1541 Ultimate-I and the 1541 Ultimate-II contain a replica of all the necessary hardware to be fully compatible with a real drive.

64HDD: Have you ever wanted to give your old Commodore™ computers a hard drive, CD-ROM or access to the devices other modern computers have? 64HDD is software that lets you do just that, and much, much more. To get started you will need: 64HDD software; an MSDOS PC; and the readily available X-cable. Your PC will then be a hard drive system for your Commodore allowing you to LOAD, RUN and SAVE many of your favourite programs direct from the storage on your PC including games in D64 format and GEOS.

C64-Diagnostic-Rev.-586220-Harness: The Diagnostic Rev. 586220 is a widely accepted test tool for the Commodore C64. It tests the RAM, ROMs and the peripheral chips (VIC, SID, CIA). To test all interfaces, a feedback is required. This is provided by this harness.

C64 1541 Speed Test: A utility to test and fix a 1541,1541 II, 1570, 1571 or OC118 disk drive.

C64 cracker intros in your browser: Remember those good old days on the C64? Get a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy a few minutes of flashback.

C64 IO_Monitor: 6502 Assembly project to monitor C64 Kernal I/O entry points usage.

C64 Modulator replacement: C64 Composite/S-Video RF Modulator Replacement. Based on the C64 RF-modulator mod by Zero-X / OMS, this adapts those schematics to create a complete replacement for the original modulator including a few changes of my own. A nice writeup and the my original inspiration for making this version if it came from a blog post on My Diy Blog (not actually my blog, it's just called that).

C64 OS: C64 OS has one goal. Make a Commodore 64 feel fast and useful in today’s modern world.

C64-Diagnostic-Rev.-586220-Harness: The Diagnostic Rev. 586220 is a widely accepted test tool for the Commodore C64. It tests the RAM, ROMs and the peripheral chips (VIC, SID, CIA). To test all interfaces, a feedback is required. This is provided by this harness.

C64-Wiki (DEU): Das C64-Wiki ist ein Projekt zum Aufbau eines speziellen C64-Lexikons. Jeder kann mit seinem Wissen dazu beitragen. Gute Autorinnen und Autoren sind stets willkommen.

c64-rf-modulator-replacement: C64 Composite/S-Video RF Modulator Replacement. This is my version of a C64 RF Modulator replacement based on the schematics of similar designs like Zero-X/OMS's Modified Commodore RF Modulator Design and JMP$FCE2's S-Video only design. This board can be used to replace a damaged or defective RF modulator in your C64, to improve the sharpness of your video output, or as a modern solution to replace the composite/luma/chroma output functionality of the original modulator on new motherboards such as the SixtyClone or Bwack’s KU-14194.

C64.CH: The C64 Demo Portal.

C64.COM: Welcome to the world of C64 nostalgia. Here you will find exclusive material about the Commodore 64 home computer that we all know and love. There’s detailed information about current and upcoming C64-related events and past developnments within the scene and game culture in general. We at C64.COM aim to save and store an important part of the history of those who played a part in the active era of the Commodore 64. Enjoy your stay! Completing the Commodore 64 games you couldn't! On this site you’ll find hundreds of Commodore 64 game endings. This site attempts to re-create some of the best Commodore 64 software sets. And by “set” we mean the box, manual, disks and any other materials contained inside the packaging. If you are looking for documentation for some of your favorite Commodore 64 games, then we may just have what you are looking for. Or if you are looking for a trip down memory lane, and you just want to view the materials from your favorite Commodore 64 games - well, hopefully we can help you out there too.

CCGMS Future: CCGMS Future, a terminal program for the Commodore 64.

Codebase 64: This wiki is the number one source of articles on Commodore 64 programming. You will find source code, tutorials, manuals, notes on clever tricks and hardware quirks and more!

Commodore 64 Guides: Having recently returned my Breadbin to perfect working order, I also wanted brand new copies of the C64 User’s Guide, and Programmer’s Reference Guide to complete the set. I could have simply printed one of the scans of these guides from the internet but where is the fun in that? In truth, I have found all these scans somewhat disappointing - very often indistinct and not always complete. Instead, I did the only sensible option: I re-wrote them from scratch using my copies of the originals as source. I reconstructed every graphic (including front and back covers), every register map, every block diagram, every table and every paragraph to have a pristine final result.

Commodore 8-Bit Buyer's Guide: Over 450 Products, Projects and Kits, Produced by more than 100 Creators and Available from more than 60 Vendors. Every item is for either your Commodore PET, VIC-20, C64, C64c, SX-64, C16, Plus/4, C128 or C128D. Every product is currently commercially available or coming soon. That means that while you browse this guide, if you see something cool you can order it and have one for yourself.

CommodoreServer: A Centralized Place for All Things Commodore. CommodoreServer is what Commodore computers have been missing for the last three decades. It is the newest, greatest way to look for new games, store your disks, and get your products sold. It's like an app store, but for Commodore computers. Plus, with the ability for your Commodore computer to access the Internet, it provides a single place for socializing and sharing with your friends, downloading software, blogging, and more.

CSDb - The Commodore 64 Scene Database: A site dedicated to gathering as much information as possible about the productions, the groups, the sceners, the events and bbs's in the Commodore 64 scene.

Diagnostic Carts and Manuals - World of Jani: Diagnostic cartridges for the Commodore 64 / 128.

Digital Talk (DEU): Die Digital Talk (aka Digitalk oder DT) ist ein deutschsprachiges Diskettenmagazin für den Commodore 64 und kompatible Systeme (C128/SX-64/ect.) und erscheint seit 1993 (mit einigen Unterbrechungen) bis in die heutige Zeit. Das Magazin ist Freeware und verfolgt keine kommerziellen Absichten - neben der kostenlosen Variante als virtuelles Abbild (d64) zum Downloaden, wird auch eine physische Version auf echter Diskette zum Selbstkostenpreis angeboten.

Edicola 64 (ITA): Raccolta digitale di dump (cassette e dischi) di giochi, software e scansioni che hanno reso celebre questo fantastico computer a 8bit nel nostro paese.

GameBase64: Preservation before Deterioration! Welcome to the GameBase64 site, formed by a team of C64 enthusiasts from all over the world who wish to preserve the memory of their beloved 8-bit computer for the generations to come. We do this by trying to preserve all game software written for the Commodore 64 computer before the deterioration of old 5¼ disks and common cassette tapes erases them for ever.

GameBox 64: Welcome to GameBox 64, a collection of scanned packaging and media for Commodore 64 games. This project aims to be a complete resource for packaging related scans such as instructions, inlays, boxes, tapes, disks, cartridges and other miscellaneous items. Preserving the sexy side of the Commodore 64.

High Voltage SID Collection: The High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC) is a freeware hobby project which organises Commodore 64 music (also known as SID music) into an archive for both musicians and fans alike. The work on the collection is done completely in the Team and contributors' spare time and is proudly one of the largest and most accurate computer music collections known. World of C64 crackintros.

J-CIA, J6526. FPGA replacement for MOS 6526 / 8521: Modern spare part for C64 - Commodore 64 - C128 - Commodore 128 - Amiga. FPGA based replacement for MOS 6526 & 8521 CIA chips.

JaffyDOS: JaffyDOS is a custom kernal for the C64/SX64 with enhancements for SD2IEC.

Kung Fu Flash: Cartridge for the Commodore 64 that packs a punch. Kung Fu Flash can emulate different cartridge types, load PRG files and use D64 disk images. Just place your desired CRT, PRG or D64 files on a FAT formatted microSD card and use the built-in launcher to execute them.

Lemon64: Commodore 64, C64 Games, Reviews & Music!

OpenC64Cart: OpenC64Cart is an Open Hardware Cartridge for the Commodore 64. It only supports 8 KB ROM images.

OpenC64Cart16K: OpenC64Cart16K is an Open Hardware Cartridge for the Commodore 64. It only supports 16 KB ROMs and uses a single (E)EPROM chip.

PLA16V8: The PLA16V8 is a GAL PLA replacement for the Commodore TED series computers (such as the Commodore 16, 116 and Plus/4) that I did design after the succes of the PLA20V8. In a TED based computer, the most common point of failure is the 8501 CPU. Therefore the shortage of PLAs is not as severe as for the Commodore TED computers, it is easier to find an original PLA than for the Commodore 64. That said, the PLA in the Commodore TED series computers can fail and you may want to replace it with a more available component. This is now available. the PLA16V8 is ready to service you!

PLA20V8: The PLA20V8 is a PLA that consists of two GAL20V8B chips from Lattice Semiconductor. The GAL is a programmable logic chip that looks a lot like the original PLA: It has an AND array, followed by an OR array. Depending on the mode of the GAL the signal then can go through a flip-flop, which the PLA does not have, but this flip-flop is bypassed in the so called “simple” and “complex” modes, which makes the chips rather close to a PLA, perhaps the closest possible chips to a PLA you can get. We need two GALs, because we can't fit all the logic in a single GAL.

Ray Carlsen's Home Page: This site is dedicated to users of 8 bit Commodore Computer hardware. The information herein is listed in “directories”. Each directory refers to a particular device such as a C64 computer, and each contains all the repair articles, schematic diagrams, etc. I have for that piece of equipment.

Ready64 (ITA): Ready64 è una mostruosa raccolta e catalogazione di giochi, programmi, interviste, scansioni di riviste, di libri e di tutte le informazioni considerate di valore relative al Commodore 64, che vanno dal recondito passato per giungere fino alle produzioni attuali.

ReplayResources: Originally introduced by Datel Electronics the Action Replay and its' successors Retro Replay and 1541U have become indispensable tools to the C64 community. The Action Replay hardware and it's software was cloned, localised and modified a lot throughout the years - here is the place to gather this specific historic information. This wiki serves the purpose of documenting differences, bugs and extensions, make them available at one place and take some pieces of the software to new grounds. Other multifunction cartridges will be covered here as well, but not as extensively and mainly to exploit feature ideas or to round the overall information.

Scene World Magazine: The most eclectic and the world's only Commodore 64 NTSC & PAL diskmag.

Tapecart SD: This is a fork of tapecart that adds SD card support using the Tapuino hardware. TCRT and PRG files can be loaded using the Tapecart SD Browser (browser.prg) which should be placed in the root directory of the SD card.

Tapuino: The $20 C64 Tape Emulator.

The Brixty Four: Full-size LEGO C64s. Here you can find the world’s only full-size LEGO® Commodore 64! It’s also the only breadbin style C64 replacement case option on the market (compatible with many of the Commodore PCB emulation options too). AND its keycaps are the only C64, C64C or VIC-20 replacements available. Or go plastic-fantastic and add the LEGO mechanical keyboard & PCB to create the ultimate executive desk toy, complete with working LED!

The Dump Club 64: Dedicated mainly to the Commodore 64, The Dump Club 64 is a group of retrocomputing enthusiasts that aims to preserve, catalog and finally share the software of old magnetic media on files. The site in addition to file sharing, does not disdain reviews on games and magazines of the time dedicated to the legendary home computer.

The FPGASID Project: The Mission: Create a pin compatible drop-in replacement for the MOS6581 device as well as for its successor, the MOS8580. The Targets: To-the-cycle exact reproduction of all digital parts including sound and envelope generation and paddle readouts; Exact modeling of the analog parts leading to a result that is almost indistinguishable from the original; Making it configurable to easily switch between various SID variants; Adding extra features like wavetables, stereo sound, more voices etc while keeping full compatibility.

The Pictorial C64 Fault Guide: This guide lists pictures of various Commodore 64 problem scenarios along with their descriptions and known causes. Use it as a tool to assist in diagnosing C64 issues, to get a general idea of what might be wrong with your machine. Keep in mind that it's rare to find an exact match and sometimes multiple different problems can cause a similar faulty screen. This site focuses on the classic breadbin models, though many of the fault scenarios are also applicable to newer revisions such as the C64C.

The Ultimate Tape Archive (C64): Welcome to the most complete Commodore 64 cassette archive that exists. By complete, we do not mean it's all the titles ever made, but all tapes are complete with coverscans and manuals all in one place for you to enjoy. We have used Tape Manager V1.3 to organize the content, so that it can easily be used with the NOVA64 front end which also has features to run the images on both emulators and real C64s.

TrueTape64: A cheap, easy to build adapter to interface a Commodore 1530 (C2N) Datasette to your PC to dump and preserve your aging Commodore 64 software collection, as accurately as possible.

TOTP-C64: TOTP-C64 lets your Commodore 64 be your two-factor authenticator. Because what's more secure than an airgapped 8-bit computer for keeping your secrets?

Ultimate-II+ - Ultimate 64: Back in 2008, the idea came up to create a cycle exact floppy disk drive emulation of the Commodore 1541 drive, and embed this emulated drive in a cartridge for the Commodore 64 home computer. Today, the 1541 Ultimate and related products have become indispensable extensions for the Commodore 64 and 128 computers. According to some users, it has completely changed the way they use the old machine as it nearly eliminated the need for real floppy disks.

Versa64Cart: Versa64Cart is designed to be a modern easy-to-use cartridge development board for Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 hobbyists and hackers. The versatile design of the PCB allows for flexible implementation of various cartridge types. Whether it’s a simple cartridge backup of an 8k game or a switchable multi-program diagnostic cartridge, Versa64Cart has you covered.

VICII-Kawari: VICII-Kawari is my hardware replacement project for the VIC-II (Video Interface Chip II) found in Commodore 64 home computers. In addition to being compatible with the original VIC-II 6567/6569 chips, some extra features will also be available. The PCB will interface with a real C64 address and data bus through the VIC-II socket on a C64 motherboard. The board can replace all the functions of a real VIC-II chip including DRAM refresh, light pen interrupts, PHI2 clock source for the CPU and, of course, video output. (NOTE: Light pens would only work on a real CRT using composite.)

Zeus LT: A multi-function interface board for the Commodore 64. The Hackability of an Arduino With the Retro Swagger of a C64.

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