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Apple II

][-Vision: Streaming video and audio for the Apple II. ][-Vision transcodes video files in standard formats (.mp4 etc) into a custom format optimized for streaming playback on Apple II hardware.

A2Central: Your total source for Apple II computing. A2Central is an Apple authorized Apple II user group. Apple II Forever! a2heaven is a small company that implement new technology into vintage computer hardware.

A2io: Apple II Bluetooth game port receiver. A2io is a Bluetooth game port receiver for your Apple II series computer. Combined with a mobile device (iOS/Android), you can interact with your Apple II using wireless controllers, touch, or motion.

A2Stream: A2Stream simultaneously receives an .a2stream file from any HTTP server and plays it through the stock Apple II speaker circuit using pulse-width modulation at 22050Hz sample rate with ~5.17 bit resolution.

Apple II Disk Server: Welcome Apple II Fan to the Apple II Disk Server, where you can download over 1500 disk images directly to your Apple ][+ or //e disk ][ drive at 9600 BPS!!!

Apple II FAQ: This site was created as a repository of articles, how-to’s, and experiences shared in the Facebook Apple II Group.

Apple II Game Server: The Online Apple II Game Server contains over 200 Apple ][+ and Apple //e games ready to stream directly to your ][+ or //e.

Apple II History: The story of “the most personal computer”!

Apple IIGS France (FRA): Ce site a pour but de vous présenter le dernier représentant de la grande famille Apple II : l'Apple IIgs. Cet ordinateur, produit de 1986 à 1992, n'a malheureusement pas rencontré un très grand succès en France pour des raisons aussi bien commerciales que techniques. Ceci n'a pas empêché des développeurs français de réaliser un travail formidable sur cette machine. C'est principalement pour leur rendre hommage que ce site a été céé. Alors bonne visite dans cette découverte ou redécouverte de l'Apple IIGS.

APPLE2.ORG.ZA - Mirrors

apple2idiot card: A general purpose ESP32 Wifi and Bluetooth board for the Apple II family of computers (with expansion slots). Our aim is simple: to provide a single-source, easy-to-use library of reference materials - software, manuals, FAQs, photos, links, etc. - for the Apple II family of computers in order to both preserve the Apple II's rich history as well as to provide a readily-accessible resource for those who are interested in learning about the Apple II for the first time. We are strictly Apple II - no Macintosh, no Commodore - just Apple II!

Applesauce: Applesauce is a floppy drive controller for connecting vintage Apple ][ 5.25″ and 3.5″ floppy drives up to your modern computer via a USB connection.

Floppy Emu: Floppy Emu is a floppy and hard disk emulator for classic Apple II, Macintosh, and Lisa computers. It uses an SD memory card and custom hardware to mimic an Apple floppy disk and drive, or an Apple hard drive. The Emu behaves exactly like a real disk drive, requiring no special software or drivers.

Marinetti: Marinetti is the only TCP/IP stack available for the Apple IIGS, clean room developed from the RFCs, and written completely in 65c816 assembly language.

NetDisk: NetDisk is an Apple IIGS utility that allows you to mount disks images hosted on an HTTP server (a public web server or one on your local network). The mounted disk images behave as if they were normal (but read-only) disks on your IIGS: you can open files and run programs directly off of them, or copy the files to your local disks using the Finder or other standard utilities. The NetDisk package also comes with the Disk Browser, a Finder extension that lets you conveniently search for disk images on the Internet Archive ( and mount them using NetDisk.

SmartportVHD: This project is providing a mass storage to the Apple //c (except the ROM 255 version), the only Apple II without expansions slots. The external floppy connector of Apple II, aka smartport, is exploited to its best to reach this goal. The resulting device allows the Apple II to view the content of an usb device as one or more hard disk.

Uthernet II: Apple II Ethernet Card - This product is based on the Wiznet W5100 chip. It has an embedded hardware IP stack. Contiki, IP65, Marinetti and ADTPro have been updated to work with the new card. Please note this card is not compatible with any modle of the Apple IIc and only works on the Apple II+ RFI motherboard or newer. Fully compatible with all models of the Apple IIe and IIgs.

Vecchie Mele: l'Apple IIGS (ITA): Apple IIGS: ieri, oggi e domani

VidHD: HDMI Video for the Apple II.

What is the Apple IIGS?: This site is dedicated to the preservation of the Apple IIGS computing platform. The archives held within can be used with emulators or for use on real Apple IIGS computers. It is hoped that one day this archive will feature a complete library of Apple IIGS applications, games, educational software, hardware references and drivers and publication cover scans. An Apple][ information reference.

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