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8-Bit Software: The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library. Also the Atom, B+, Electron and Master Compact. 8-Bit Software is for 8 bit Acorn computer enthusiasts.

Acorn Electron World: We are the only dedicated Acorn Electron website on the Internet. Here you can find information on every single game ever released for the machine, download tape images of all popular games, read and watch reviews of the games themselves and order our DVD, featuring a staggering 3,700+ disc images - with full instructions and User Guides for everything.

Adding WiFi To The Acorn Electron: In the continuing quest by countless hobbyists to allow every 1980s 8-bit home computer to experience the joys of an online experience that doesn’t involve a 9600 baud modem, Roland Leurs has created a cartridge-based module for the Acorn Electron that adds WiFi, which he showed off at the virtual ABug conference in September 2020.

BBC micro educational software archive: Welcome to the archive of educational software for the BBC micro series of machines. Here you will find the largest on-line collection of downloadable programs designed for use in education on the 8-bit series of computers produced by Acorn during the 1980s. These machines included the BBC micro model B, the BBC micro model B+, the BBC Master, the BBC Master Compact and the Acorn Electron. Relatively few educational titles were written specially for the Acorn Electron, though some titles in the archive will run quite happily on this machine.

BBC Micro Elite source code: This site contains the original source code for the classic space game Elite on the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron, with every single line documented and (for the most part) explained.


BeebWiki: 8-bit Acorn Computer Wiki. Articles relating to the Acorn BBC Microcomputer and related computers.

Comp.Sys.Acorn.FAQ: This database comprises answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions on the popular Acorn Usenet newsgroup hierarchy, and is maintained by Paul Vigay.

Complete BBC Micro Games Archive: Over the last few years we have been lovingly restoring some BBC Micro games from the 1980s onwards. We have put them here so you can play them in an emulator, on a real BBC Micro, or on the web. If you would like to help us improve the site, join us in the Stardot forums. See the contact page for more information.

Domesday86: Domesday86 is a project that aims to recreate the experience of the original BBC Domesday project using modern hardware and software. On this site you will find a growing collection of documentation for the original Acorn/BBC Domesday project as well as details of the Domesday86 project itself.

Ethernet upgrade for the Master series: The philosophy of the BBC Microcomputer series included the ability to network several computers together to allow expensive peripherals such as printers to be shared between several users - often in a classroom or small business environment. This 'Econet' network was offered as an option on most machines, and in the case of the BBC Master series as a user installable plug in module. Despite its robustness the majority of other computer vendors eventually adopted the Ethernet standard instead using variable length messages called Internet Protocol ('IP') packets. The Master 10/100 net module allows the BBC Master series to be retrospectively upgraded to communicate with an Ethernet network, sharing peripherals and information with other personal computers.

John Kortink's website: Hardware, Documents. BBC IDE Hard Drive Interface

PiTubeDirect: PiTubeDirect is a low cost Second Processor project for Acorn's 8-bit machines (Beeb, Master, Electron, Atom) which uses two cheap chips to interface a Raspberry Pi to the Tube connector. The Pi emulates one of a number of CPUs, and also the Tube interface chip. Acorn Computers

R. T. RUSSELL: The home of BBC BASIC.

TRS-80 Color Computer Archive: This site is the result of an effort to preserve Color Computer software and documentation. I've been collecting Coco related files since 2002: cartridges, cassettes, virtual disks, ROMs, music, pictures, manuals, books, magazines, Radio Shack catalogs and more. I also scanned several manuals and books to add to my collection, which is now available to the Coco community.

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