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Advent of Computing: Welcome to Advent of Computing, the show that talks about the shocking, intriguing, and all too often relevant history of computing. A lot of little things we take for granted today have rich stories behind their creation, in each episode we will learn how older tech has lead to our modern world.

Adventure Games Podcast: This is a website and podcast dedicated to Adventure Game news and reviews as well as interviews with adventure game developers.

ANTIC The Atari 8-bit Computer Podcast: Retrocomputing podcast about the Atari 8-bit line of personal computers.

Arcade Perfect Podcast: Remember when we all dreamed of arcade perfect conversions of games? We dig up facts and trivia on 1 game per month and check out all of the conversions.

Archeologia Informatica (ITA): Archeologia Informatica vuole essere un progetto crossmediatico relativo alla storia dell’informatica, del computer, dei linguaggi di programmazione e del calcolo ancora più in generale. Il racconto competente, appassionato e attento della storia informatica dalle origini fino ai primi anni 2000, con spunti relativi all’attualità e al retrocomputing, l’emulazione e il collezionismo.

Archeologia Videoludica 2.0 (ITA): Uno dei più popolari podcast sulla storia del videogioco ritorna con maggiore visione storica e migliore coerenza informativa, senza perdere il piglio goliardico che l'ha sempre caratterizzata nei suoi cinque anni di vita. Archeologia Videoludica è tornata, ed è 2.0!

Chicken Lips Radio: Commodore Computer Lovers, Rejoice! Chicken Lips Radio is all CBM, all the time!A member of the Retrobits Family of podcasts.

CoCoTALK!: Welcome to CoCoTALK! The world’s leading live talk show featuring the Tandy Color Computer! Airing live each week on YouTube and Facebook, with video and audio replays available, join us for some CoCoTALK about community projects, hardware and software, interviews, reviews, demos, tutorials, world premiers, announcements and more!

DOS GAME CLUB: DOS Game Club is a monthly podcast and online community about DOS games. It works a bit like a book club, where all members of the club read the same book and then discuss it amongst them. Instead of reading books though, we all play the same DOS game for a month, discuss it on the forums and end with a podcast.

Eaten By A Grue: A podcast about Infocom games, text adventures, and interactive fiction Hosted by Kevin Savetz and Carrington Vanston.

FloppyDays Vintage Computing Podcast: Vintage computing Podcast for all types of retrocomputers.

Geek of the Week: Carl Malamud interviews leading network researchers, engineers, implementers, and a wide variety of other troublemakers. The interviews are technically focused and are produced by Martin Lucas.

Mac Folklore Radio: A podcast in which I read you articles about the Macintosh from ~1984-1998.

Next Without For: Next Without For is a podcast dedicated to computer language implementations that are either (a) retro, or (b) new, but used for retro computers. Examples include Turbo Pascal, BDS C, CC65, etc.

Open Apple: Welcome to Open Apple, a podcast dedicated to the Apple II. Join us each month as we share news and memories of Steve Wozniak’s most famous personal computer.

Press Play On Tape: The Press Play On Tape podcast is your home for all vintage computer discussions!

Retro Asylum: The UK's No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast Show.

Retro Computing Roundtable: Gather 'round a virtual table where today's talk is about yesterday's computers. Get the skinny from the world of vintage computer hobbyists, collectors, enthusiasts, and old school geeks. We cover modern day vintage tech events, new developments for old hardware, the revival of retro tech, the best of 8 bit culture, and take many strolls down memory lane.

RetroMacCast: Where great old Macs live again! Join James and John each episode on the RetroMacCast where they stroll down the Macintosh memory lane.

The C64 Take-away podcast: Commodore 64 remixes and original SID sounds to go!

The Intellivisionaries Podcast: A podcast FOR Intellivision fans, BY Intellivision fans.

The Retro Hour Podcast: The Retro Hour Podcast is a weekly podcast that has been running for 4 years and now reached the status of most popular Retro podcast in Europe. Each week we keep you up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world of ‘retro’, we also speak to an industry veteran from the video games and computer industry.

The XEGS Cart By Cart Podcast: Our focus is on Atari’s last incarnation of their 8-bit computer line, the XEGS (Sometimes pronounced “Zegz”). Since the XEGS is not simply a game console (like the 2600 or 5200), and is a full-fledge computer capable of running almost any program available for the 8-bit computer system, we’re narrowing our focus on cartridge releases – treating the XEGS as a video game console. We’ll specifically be reviewing almost every XEGS-branded game that Atari released in 1987 and 1988, but will occasionally also talk about other cartridge-based Atari 8-bit games including home brew games.

This Week in Retro: A weekly roundup of the hottest stories from the world of retro gaming and computing, voted on by you, the listener! Hosted by Neil Thomas from RMC and John Shawler from Amigos Retro Gaming.

TRS-80 Trash Talk: TRS-80 Trash Talk is the podcast about all things TRS-80.

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