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Konamiman/MSX: This is a compilation of all the MSX software that I have been developing since the mid-90s and have survived the successive diskette-to-ZIP disk-to-hard disk-to-CF card-to-SD card migrations. It contains the sources for all the software available at my MSX page, plus some previously unpublished sources (such as the ones for NestorBASIC).

MSX Cartridge Shop: Are you an MSX lover? Are you tired of large loading times? Do you really want to have fun with your MSX? You are certainly in the right place. The MSX Cartridge Shop offers you the best quality MSX software in the best possible format at the best prize. Cartridges are robust and fast. They are the natural way to unleash the power of your MSX. Simply plug them into your computer and have unique new experiences!

MSX Resource Center: MSX Resource Center is a website about the 8bit MSX computer system, which was introduced by Microsoft and ASCII in 1983. We have an extensive archive of MSX news, an active MSX forum, lots of information in our MSX wiki and a large section of free MSX software.

Rookie drive: Rookie drive is a personal project, which consists of creating a USB virtual disk drive for MSX computers. The goal of the project is to learn the MSX standard architecture, Z80 assembler programming, PCB design tools, etc. Currently Rookie drive includes these features: Floppy Emulator; Mass storage (requires 128K or higher); USB floppy disk controller (UFI).

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