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FDADAP floppy disk adapter: The D Bit FDADAP board is a small adapter which adapts 8“ floppy disk drives (Shugart SA800 style bus) to work with the PC 3.5”/5.25“ floppy disk cable pinout. It has 34- and 50-pin connectors which can be connected to the PC floppy controller and the 8” disk drive using simple straight-through ribbon cables (not included), and a 3.5“ style power connector for the on-board microcontroller.

FDDC DC-DC converter for 8" floppy drives: The D Bit FDDC is a DC-DC converter which boosts/negates the voltages from a PC power supply to those needed by most 8” floppy drives. It can attach to an IDE power connector on a PC's power supply that has sufficient capacity to power both the PC and an 8“ drive, or it can work stand-alone from its own dedicated ATX power supply (it has circuitry to drive the ATX “power-on” signal using a momentary pushbutton as input). The outputs are supplied via a 6-pin AMP Mate-N-Lok connector using the standard Shugart pinout. We are 1130 enthusiasts who operate this web site for other enthusiasts, to make a place where others can exchange information and memories about it.

ISA Floppy Disk and Serial Controller: ISA Floppy Disk and Serial Controller card provides one floppy disk interface supporting up to two floppy drives, an RS-232 serial interface, and a BIOS extension ROM.

ISA OPL2 Card: ISA OPL2 Card is a sound card based on Yamaha OPL2 chip, officially known as YM3812. This card is compatible with the AdLib Music Synthesizer Card that was very popular in late 80's - early 90's.

ISA Super VGA: The ISA Super VGA card is based on the Trident TVGA9000i Super VGA controller IC. It offers excellent compatibility with the original IBM VGA, as well as a good emulation of older CGA, EGA, Hercules and MDA adapters. The ISA Super VGA card was designed to be used with the Xi 8088 Processor Board, but it also works in IBM PC/XT and their clones. is the home of what I think is the fastest 8-bit ISA storage device for PC/XT class hardware - the XT-CFv3 (currently in test) - and some other hardware projects.

Microchannel Enthusiasts Page: Common PS/2 Information: Software, Tips and Tricks for Hardware and Service.

Monotech PCs: ISA cards and associated items for upgrading or restoring vintage PCs. Wiki: Welcome to the Wiki pages! We are seeking to build a wiki about things related to OS/2 and eComStation.

PS/2 Reference Manuals

Software Library: MS-DOS Games: ( Software for MS-DOS machines that represent entertainment and games. The collection includes action, strategy, adventure and other unique genres of game and entertainment software.

XT-CF-Lite V4: XT-CF-Lite V4 is a remake of James Pearce's XT-CF-Lite card, which in its turn is a simplified version of his CPLD based XT-CF card, and shares some ideas with XT-IDE card. This card allows connecting a Compact Flash (CF) card to computers with ISA bus and using it as a mass storage device. The card also supports BIOS extension ROM.

XT-IDE Information: The XT-IDE is an 8 bit ISA adapter for attaching modern(ish) hard drives, DOMs, and CompactFlash to the ISA bus. When paired with the XT-IDE Universal BIOS, it allows IBM PC compatibles to boot from IDE drives otherwise not supported.

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