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Hewlett Packard (HP)

Handheld and Portable Computer Club: HPCC is a voluntary, independent body run by and for users of handheld and portable computers and calculators. The club has been helping members for more than 30 years to get the most from their Hewlett Packard equipment and to further the exchange of information and ideas.

Hewlett Packard Series 100 FAQ

HP Collection: HP-Collection shows vintage Hewlett Packard calculators and their accessories. There is no forum on my site, because there is a frequently used one on the MoHPC. site. So my page is not a competitive product, but it´s an addendum to Dave´s site. I will especially focus on the accessories of the calculators.

HP Series 80 Web Site: I wish to gather all the material that is still available for the Series 80 and post them on this site, so that people who wish to use these venerable machines can use this site as a resource. In this site you will find, articles about the Series 80, programs, manuals, ROM images, etc.

HP Stuff: Some Material Related to Historic Hewlett Packard Calculators and Computers.

HP85Disk: This Project Emulates AMIGO and SS80 disk drives used by the HP85 series computers. The images are stored in LIF format used by the HP85 series computers.

HP 9825: Now vanished into the mists of time and computer evolution, the Hewlett-Packard 9825 desktop computer was way before its time. In many ways, the development of the HP 9825 and its brethren marked a significant turning point for the computer industry. It foreshadowed the PC revolution fully five years (that’s 50 years in computer time) before the IBM PC burst into existence in 1981.

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