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Amstrad XT Pages: This page is used to collect snippets of information about Amstrad's XT clones.

CPC Game Reviews: CPC Game Reviews is a website which, as its name suggests, contains reviews of games for the Amstrad CPC computer - hundreds of them, in fact. It also contains a collection of advertisements which have been scanned from Amstrad CPC magazines.

CPC-POWER (FRA): Sauvegarde du patrimoine de l'Amstrad CPC. Bonjour amies et amis CPCistes, l'objectif de ce site web est la Conservation du Patrimoine Culturel de notre jeunesse.

CPCRULEZ - CPC Service Manuals (FRA)

CPCWiki: THE Amstrad CPC encyclopedia! This site is an encyclopaedia on all things Amstrad CPC related.

Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site: Resources for users of the Amstrad NC100 Notepad and NC200 Notebook computers, with a Q&A section, features, and FREE programs to download.

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