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8bitworkshop: Ever wanted to be an old-school game programmer? Learn how classic game hardware worked. Write code and see it run instantly.

Bitmap Books: Founded by graphic designer Sam Dyer, Bitmap Books is an award-winning independent publisher of retro gaming books which aims to celebrate the software, hardware, developers, and code shops which laid down the foundations for the billion-dollar industry we know and love today.

Geeks-Line: Geeks-Line publishes high quality books that document the history of video games. Our books go in-depth into the most iconic game systems recognizing their impact, telling their origin story through interviews of key developers that made their success, and reviewing the entire game library.

Fusion Retro Books: We are quite a new company concentrating on producing niche books on retro computers and companies of the 80s and 90s.

Nicepixel: The Masters of Pixel Art book series was created as a celebration to the pixels, presenting a selection of the very best in pixel art in an exclusive production. The high quality art books are designed as typical coffee table books – made to be displayed among other art or photo books. The main focus is pixel art and different aspects of this unique and stylish media.

MIT Press - History of Computing: This distinguished series has played a major role in defining scholarship in the history of computing. Hallmarks of the series are its technical detail and interpretation of primary source materials.

Print Punch: Artefacts From The Punch Card Era: Data used to be physical. In an era when 1s and 0s seem to hover above our heads, Print Punch returns to the heyday of the punch card—to a time when you could touch (and punch) data. The aesthetics of this early move towards automation represent a unique moment in our history, when we designed for machines instead of human beings. Rigorous constraints, inherent in punch card technology, unwittingly birthed a coherent design language: rhythm in grids, punched absences and presences, and the patterns in them dancing to their own machine logic. Now obsolete, punch cards were the primary method of data storage and processing from the 1890s until the late 1970s; spanning almost a century of ubiquitous utility, the artefacts of that era sit between these pages to be examined anew.

Read-Only Memory: Read-Only Memory publishes high-quality books that document great moments in videogame history. Our books recognise the pioneers, milestones and titles that have shaped the industry.

Retro Game Development: Learn to create your own games for classic retro systems.

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